The Power Of a Significant Other

Whether you were raised the same or not, some of us are truly blinded by the toxins of our families. Your significant other should make you a better person or at least make you want to become one and vice versa. They open your eyes to things you always felt were a problem but don’t […]

You Will ALWAYS Be The Other Woman

Have you ever felt like there was another woman? I’m talking the feeling that no matter how hard you try to deny it, your intuition won’t allow you to feel otherwise? To the point that you’re sitting and thinking to yourself, “What am I going to do if it’s true?” The thought of it alone […]

You Can’t Deal with Everyone The Same

In life we meet people that are temporary, some are around longer than we expected them to be, and others stay a lifetime. But what I’m learning day by day is that you cannot deal with everyone the same. Everyone in your life is in it for two reasons because you want them to be […]

It’s Really Not You, It’s Him…

  Love is one hell of a drug and it’ll have you wondering if you’re worthy of it – if you’re loved wrong or by the wrong person. A lot of people don’t know what love is and that’s why we find ourselves settling so often. We want love so bad that we feel guilt […]

Fix Your Strings

Many aren’t in tune with their feelings which is why everything is that much more complicated with them. People like this have so many emotions about one person that they’re actually fake. They don’t want to admit their real feelings which is that they can’t stand the person. They have their reasons from the person […]