FINALLY MOVING FORWARD (Because Change Is Necessary)

I used to take it to heart when people would tell me I’m “too sensitive” or “too emotional”. It made me feel weak but as I got older, I realized it’s a good thing in more ways than one. One of those ways being you’ll never have to guess if something is or isn’t wrong … Continue reading FINALLY MOVING FORWARD (Because Change Is Necessary)

Do You Have A Plan?

Last night my girls and I – my friends not my daughters – were sitting in the car talking about our relationships. Out of the three of us, two of us are married. Of course, with us all being different people we shared different stories. It was interesting to hear everything from what we’ve struggled … Continue reading Do You Have A Plan?

Stop Comparing Yourself

As women we have our times where we can admire another woman and actually mean it. Y’all know some of y’all shady as hell for no reason. It’s not a shit show of “I wish I was her” or “I wonder if I did that how my man would feel” for you, but that’s exactly … Continue reading Stop Comparing Yourself

It’s Really Not You, It’s Him…

  Love is one hell of a drug and it’ll have you wondering if you’re worthy of it - if you’re loved wrong or by the wrong person. A lot of people don’t know what love is and that’s why we find ourselves settling so often. We want love so bad that we feel guilt … Continue reading It’s Really Not You, It’s Him…


You ever hear people say, “Don’t settle for less”, but then they turn around & tell you to make sure you’re comfortable with who you’re with which may require you to settle - because your partner may lack certain things you want and need? To some that makes sense while others it doesn’t, but let … Continue reading NEVER GET TOO COMFORTABLE IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP

Songs To Break-Up To

  Here are some songs I’ve listened to in order to cope with a broken heart. People tell you not to listen to sad songs after a breakup, but I believe those sad songs are sometimes the only thing to help you. Maybe its just me but when you’re going through a rough time, that’s … Continue reading Songs To Break-Up To