The Weight Of My Weight On My Shoulders

Disclaimer: Before I get into this I’d like to say I know there are people bigger and smaller than me suffering from their weight issues. However, this post, MY POST, is about ME. WE ALL FEEL HOW WE DO ABOUT OURSELVES PERSONALLY AND I’M EXPRESSING MY FEELINGS IN THIS POST.   Weight When I weighed […]

You Will ALWAYS Be The Other Woman

Have you ever felt like there was another woman? I’m talking the feeling that no matter how hard you try to deny it, your intuition won’t allow you to feel otherwise? To the point that you’re sitting and thinking to yourself, “What am I going to do if it’s true?” The thought of it alone […]

I Was Excluded Once I Had Kids

Before having children, I wasn’t out living my best life like the average 20 something year old – I wasn’t going to every party, wasn’t going on vacations with my group of friends, wasn’t weighing my relationship options, etc. I haven’t had many experiences in my life honestly because I’ve been pregnant as long as […]