I Am Learning To NOT Take Everything To Heart

I asked someone close to me how they felt about something in particular. Of course it was about something I do. I didn’t ask because I wanted to know it was more like a need to know. I’m the type that wants to know how you feel at all times. I DON’T WANT TO PLAY THE […]

Whatever Keeps Her Quiet

I talk about a variety of things on my blog, but I find myself neglecting one …. MOTHERHOOD. For almost a year now I’ve been raising my children on my own. They are 2-years-old and 4 months, and the oldest gives me the hardest time. From trying to get her to eat to what she […]

The Power Of a Significant Other

Whether you were raised the same or not, some of us are truly blinded by the toxins of our families. Your significant other should make you a better person or at least make you want to become one and vice versa. They open your eyes to things you always felt were a problem but don’t […]