Dis Too Much

It’s been a minute, almost four weeks to be exact. I’ve been all over the place to the point that I’ve written plenty yet posted none. I’ve been dealing with a lot mentally and finding ways to fully deal with these issues instead of continuously pushing them aside. I started having random breakdowns to the … Continue reading Dis Too Much

Disregard That

We disregard what we want to disregard. People continue to make excuses for the unexplainable because of who the person is to them or they can't stand up for themselves. It really doesn't matter how horrible the action is on the horrible scale. We choose to look past these things because they've become problems with … Continue reading Disregard That

Sometimes Letting Go Is Your Only Option

The last time we caught up I ended with telling you guys about some devastating news I received about someone close to me and how that news changed my perspective on what I should put my energy into. I was going to continue on the matter in this post, but decided not to. I had … Continue reading Sometimes Letting Go Is Your Only Option


When I originally started blogging it was literally something to do for the fuck of it. I didn't want anyone to know who I was so in my writings I always took every extra mile I could to not make myself so obvious. When you're someone that people knew/know as weak it's hard to not … Continue reading Re-Introduction

The Importance of Apologizing, TO YOUR CHILDREN

There are so many parents who are upset when their - now adult - children say things like, “You could never live with me”, “It’s hard for me to be around you” and “You’re just unnecessary”. These are things they get upset about because they don’t and can’t see their toxic traits. All they ever … Continue reading The Importance of Apologizing, TO YOUR CHILDREN

Letting 2019 Go

In every post since August I’ve been saying something along the lines of, “I don’t know why things have been so rough” or “I don’t know why these things happened”, but I do. This was my first official year away from home. Away from everything and everyone I know and love so I allowed myself … Continue reading Letting 2019 Go

Things I Did Differently in 2019

It’s almost 2020 and I am feeling no guilt at all anymore for anything I’ve been through this year. I took my heart out of everything so that I could stay out my feelings. I’ve allowed everything to be what it’s gone be because I have no choice but to. I recognized things so I … Continue reading Things I Did Differently in 2019