You Can’t Deal with Everyone The Same

In life we meet people that are temporary, some are around longer than we expected them to be, and others stay a lifetime. But what I’m learning day by day is that you cannot deal with everyone the same. Everyone in your life is in it for two reasons because you want them to be […]

Why Haven’t You Made Him Uncomfortable Yet?

  Do you find yourself expressing your issues with your man and in the moment, he feels bad, but nothing changes? Do you always end up saying, “Fuck it I’ll do it myself” because he didn’t do something you asked him to? Do you keep telling yourself you know he’ll change even though he hasn’t […]

Letting Go Is Hard To Do But You Just Might Have To

They won’t stop bringing up the past because you won’t stop hurting them. I don’t understand this logic of expecting your significant other, the one you say you’re in love with, to simply move on from shit as if it never happened. If you’ve ever been hurt then you know that even when you think […]