Fix Your Strings

Many aren’t in tune with their feelings which is why everything is that much more complicated with them. People like this have so many emotions about one person that they’re actually fake. They don’t want to admit their real feelings which is that they can’t stand the person. They have their reasons from the person […]


I was watching something I usually don’t, The Wendy Williams show, and there was this great topic. “Don’t force your kids to hug family members during the holidays, Girl Scouts advise”, however this is something I believe should stand all year round. I have two kids, a toddler and an infant, and it annoys me […]

Age Ain’t Nothing but A Number

There are some things that are unacceptable however made acceptable because “I’m not your age”. Disrespect is disrespect, discouragement is discouragement, fake is fake, and I don’t care what way you try to look at it, IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. I was raised to be respectful to all, but when someone doesn’t agree with how […]