And I’m Still Not Ready

The pressure is automatically on the moment you find out you're pregnant. Will I be a good mom? Is having a baby the best idea right now? How will my significant other feel? What will my parents say? Who's going to watch my baby when I go back to work? The questions never end, that's … Continue reading And I’m Still Not Ready

Do You Have A Plan?

Last night my girls and I – my friends not my daughters – were sitting in the car talking about our relationships. Out of the three of us, two of us are married. Of course, with us all being different people we shared different stories. It was interesting to hear everything from what we’ve struggled … Continue reading Do You Have A Plan?

Stop Comparing Yourself

As women we have our times where we can admire another woman and actually mean it. Y’all know some of y’all shady as hell for no reason. It’s not a shit show of “I wish I was her” or “I wonder if I did that how my man would feel” for you, but that’s exactly … Continue reading Stop Comparing Yourself

“Can You Stay Home With The Kids?”: Military Spouse Edition

If you really pay attention, you’ll notice a lot of stay at home moms say, “I never saw myself being a stay-at -home”, “This wasn’t the plan”, or something of that nature. Being as though I’m one I can say that it’s for sure the truth. However, there are women who want to be at … Continue reading “Can You Stay Home With The Kids?”: Military Spouse Edition