Baby Fever?

I’m not the healthiest when it comes to mental health these days. However, I can’t seem to shake this feeling that could possibly make things worse. I don’t know why it’s so heavy on my mind, but it is. Of course, there are pros and cons and I know both sides from experience. But I … Continue reading Baby Fever?

I Can Only Speak For Me

Writing is how I BEST express myself. I learned this years ago when I was going through a very tough period in my life. I was expressing the fuck out of myself - morning, noon, and night. But no one cared about anything I had to say and yes it showed. At that time I didn’t … Continue reading I Can Only Speak For Me

I Just NEED Space

I've been saying what I'm about to say for years now. However, it's time that myself and those around me start taking this serious. The worst thing you can do when a person tells you the truth is ignore them. In my case I'm telling you how I am, truthfully. Which is why I've decided to write this out. I … Continue reading I Just NEED Space

Mental Changes

I’m teaching myself that removing myself from anything/anyone that doesn’t settle my spirit – help me find my peace – isn’t wrong. The difference I’ve felt in my teachings is nothing short of amazing. I still have my days, but I am truly fighting through. Pure self-love is all I’ve been giving myself. Through meditation, … Continue reading Mental Changes

Lesson Learned

  Keeping people at a distance is something I have always found hard to do. It’s never mattered how nor how many times someone rubbed me wrong, when, or why. I’ve always forgave and moved on because I actually value people. I do a give a fuck about people and their feelings and what they … Continue reading Lesson Learned

FINALLY MOVING FORWARD (Because Change Is Necessary)

I used to take it to heart when people would tell me I’m “too sensitive” or “too emotional”. It made me feel weak but as I got older, I realized it’s a good thing in more ways than one. One of those ways being you’ll never have to guess if something is or isn’t wrong … Continue reading FINALLY MOVING FORWARD (Because Change Is Necessary)