Blogger Recognition Award

Thursday, November 22, 2018 I was nominated for the Bloggers Recognition Award. I was ecstatic because it was unexpected and the one thing I've been trying to do is bring recognition to my blog. The last time I posted was Nov. 7, 2018 and I usually post weekly, but I've been so busy with life … Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award

God Vs. The Procrastinator

  Are you one who doesn't exactly understand church, The Bible, or anything that has to do with God? That's me too so you're not alone. Yes, I believe in God however it ends there, literally. I've gone to church but it was the, "you're going to church with us if you're spending the night" … Continue reading God Vs. The Procrastinator

I Am Learning To NOT Take Everything To Heart

I asked someone close to me how they felt about something in particular. Of course it was about something I do. I didn't ask because I wanted to know it was more like a need to know. I'm the type that wants to know how you feel at all times. I DON'T WANT TO PLAY THE … Continue reading I Am Learning To NOT Take Everything To Heart

Whatever Keeps Her Quiet

I talk about a variety of things on my blog, but I find myself neglecting one …. MOTHERHOOD. For almost a year now I've been raising my children on my own. They are 2-years-old and 4 months, and the oldest gives me the hardest time. From trying to get her to eat to what she … Continue reading Whatever Keeps Her Quiet


Have you ever wanted something so bad, for so long, then you finally get it and don’t want it? You’re stuck asking yourself why all of a sudden, wondering what’s (really) the motive? Even though it’s finally happening, and you want to be happy, you can’t help but question it. You’ve begged and begged for … Continue reading STOP WAITING BECAUSE OF LOVE

You Can’t Deal with Everyone The Same

In life we meet people that are temporary, some are around longer than we expected them to be, and others stay a lifetime. But what I’m learning day by day is that you cannot deal with everyone the same. Everyone in your life is in it for two reasons because you want them to be … Continue reading You Can’t Deal with Everyone The Same