Dis Too Much

It’s been a minute, almost four weeks to be exact. I’ve been all over the place to the point that I’ve written plenty yet posted none. I’ve been dealing with a lot mentally and finding ways to fully deal with these issues instead of continuously pushing them aside. I started having random breakdowns to the … Continue reading Dis Too Much

Disregard That

We disregard what we want to disregard. People continue to make excuses for the unexplainable because of who the person is to them or they can't stand up for themselves. It really doesn't matter how horrible the action is on the horrible scale. We choose to look past these things because they've become problems with … Continue reading Disregard That


When I originally started blogging it was literally something to do for the fuck of it. I didn't want anyone to know who I was so in my writings I always took every extra mile I could to not make myself so obvious. When you're someone that people knew/know as weak it's hard to not … Continue reading Re-Introduction

It’s Deeper Than That

Depression has its ways, but it kicks my ass… REGULARLY. I knew from an early age that’s what it was however I NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD FOLLOW ME THIS FAR. I was always the one taking on everyone else’s issues while mine were being overlooked. It has been tough hearing things such as “Let it … Continue reading It’s Deeper Than That

Breakup Season

When you hear the word “breakup” you automatically think boyfriend/girlfriend. Whelp! That’s not my case. Within the last few days, literally, I’ve lost friends and those I thought I could consider such. I’ve had hurtful things done to me and I’ve done hurtful things to others. Although, I can say every situation hurt me in … Continue reading Breakup Season

The Weight Of My Weight On My Shoulders

Disclaimer: Before I get into this I’d like to say I know there are people bigger and smaller than me suffering from their weight issues. However, this post, MY POST, is about ME. WE ALL FEEL HOW WE DO ABOUT OURSELVES PERSONALLY AND I'M EXPRESSING MY FEELINGS IN THIS POST.   Weight When I weighed … Continue reading The Weight Of My Weight On My Shoulders

I Just Need To Vent

These last few days I’ve been in write then delete then write it again mode. I have so many topics but so little to say. Which is crazy considering I know exactly how I feel. Maybe I’m just not feeling it and couldn’t complete any of those topics because it was guilt writing. Even though … Continue reading I Just Need To Vent