The Beauty in Paper

A blank sheet of paper is a beautiful object to me. It doesn't limit me, expect anything from me, or ask anything of me. When I look at a clean sheet of paper with those crisp lines, it screams, "LET IT ALL OUT". There's no judgment being passed and I'm allowed to fix my mistakes … Continue reading The Beauty in Paper

Do You Have A Plan?

Last night my girls and I – my friends not my daughters – were sitting in the car talking about our relationships. Out of the three of us, two of us are married. Of course, with us all being different people we shared different stories. It was interesting to hear everything from what we’ve struggled … Continue reading Do You Have A Plan?

Stay OUT The Middle

Many of us can be “the fixer” for others but not ourselves on any occasion. We find ourselves solving others issues, giving advice then later wondering, “Damn! Why can’t I help myself the way I help everybody else?”. It’s never that simple though, ever, but what about when fixing others issues creates conflict for you? … Continue reading Stay OUT The Middle

Why Didn’t They Teach Us About LOVE?

For a while now I’ve been sitting on these thoughts of what they - our parents or guardians - didn’t teach us. We’re taught manners, we’re taught the way of life or how to just get by (most of us), we’re taught right from wrong, but love *deep sigh* love is what they leave out. … Continue reading Why Didn’t They Teach Us About LOVE?

“Can You Stay Home With The Kids?”: Military Spouse Edition

If you really pay attention, you’ll notice a lot of stay at home moms say, “I never saw myself being a stay-at -home”, “This wasn’t the plan”, or something of that nature. Being as though I’m one I can say that it’s for sure the truth. However, there are women who want to be at … Continue reading “Can You Stay Home With The Kids?”: Military Spouse Edition