“It’s just social media”

Yeah, it is “just social media” to many but I’m not one of those many. It’s so deep to me that I stopped posting my children, but I’ll get to that part later. I’ve spent years on social media like many of you however the way I view it has changed over the years. It really started a little before my eldest turned a year old because my pages were all public. I truly didn’t care because I didn’t see why I needed to protect much of anything and I was living low-key – but for the entire world to see. It wasn’t until things began to happen personally and to others that I had to flip the switch – no pun intended – on how I was going about socials. 

I recently deleted my twitter and I tried deleting Facebook, but I can’t unlink my personal page from my business page so I’m stuck with that. One thing that no longer sits well with me when it comes to socials is my “friends” list – or followers and following. There were way too many people that I haven’t spoken with in years that have access to my inside world. What I’m referring to is my personal life on Facebook because this is now the only place I post my family. Some people were still on my list because I didn’t delete them once I changed the privacy status of my page. While others I no longer have interest in a relationship with and I’m slow to removing them. I don’t really like to keep people who aren’t interactive anymore either. I’m talking they legit never like anything, don’t comment or nothing, they’re just there. FOR WHAT? I’ve been extremely slow on removing people, but I notice when I delete certain people, they just keep sending request. I don’t have a problem with some of these people either, but there are parts of my life that I simply don’t want to share with the world anymore which brings me to my next reason.

This has only happened with family and while I am truly grateful it wasn’t complete strangers, IT HAS GOT TO STOP. I am so tired of people stealing the pictures that I post of my children without asking me first. That is so disrespectful to me and I don’t see how that’s even a logical thing to do. Hell, I ask my brother all the time if I can post my niece and that’s my niece. He gets mad that I ask, but that’s still his child and I don’t feel I have a right to just save his pictures of her and post her all willy nilly because she’s my cute little niece that I love so much. It just doesn’t work like that. The first time I had this issue was with one of my uncles and it was a little before my eldest had turned a year old. Someone told me that he posted her, on his public page might I add, and I asked him to take it down. Instead of doing so he goes on this rant and one of the things he said was, “You know all your pictures belong to Instaram so if they wanted to take your picture there’s nothing you can do about it.” WELL, SO WHAT SIR YOU ARE NOT INSTAGRAM SO PLEASE REMOVE MY CHILD FROM YOUR PAGE. After that it was like this never-ending cycle of people just posting my baby left and right. I hated every, “I didn’t know it was a problem”, and “It’s just a picture”, and “If ____ took it you couldn’t do anything about it.” At the end of the day I gave birth to her and I take care of her. So, as far as I’m concerned, she’s mine and I’d appreciate if people would stop with the crookery.

My whole thing is I wouldn’t take anyone’s child’s picture and post it because I feel like it. Family or not, it doesn’t matter the reasoning and that brings me to my next reason. I don’t know what is wrong with adults and their level of immaturity, but I see so many people coming for children when they have an issue with the parent(s). I was taught that children are off limits no matter what, but clearly that’s not a rule everyone has to abide by. I saw so many adults reposting kids talking about how ugly they were and breaking down their features and *deep breath* it was a lot of horrible things that should’ve been left unsaid. I don’t know what is wrong with people these days or how they can even live with that. An apology doesn’t even fix that nor does it make up for the fact that it’s been done multiple times.

Social media stopped being fun for me overall when I found myself constantly blocking people. I’m talking to the point where even when I create new accounts, I’m looking for these people to make sure they don’t have access to me. Although this isn’t a bad thing in my eyes it’s just something, I feel like has become a job. I will always protect my peace at all cost I just never thought I’d see the day that I had to deny access to so many. Honestly, if I could block people from my blog I would but that’s neither here nor there. I never thought I’d have to protect my social accounts seeing as how they’re on public platforms. However, I had to learn that I have to protect who and what I see fit and my reasoning for blocking people is more important than the lies they’re telling as to why I blocked them. Social media isn’t just social media to me anymore because it’s about sharing what I feel and care about and that’s more important than allowing everyone access.

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