It is currently 5:05AM & instead of getting a few more minutes in before my morning run, I’m soaking. I woke up earlier than I wanted due to my Monthly Associate & I was about to let her win. I wasn’t even going to try to run today because… well… cramps. But I’ve had her long enough to know how to go about this so I said I’ll soak & go. It’s been three days since my last walk/run due to my husband suddenly having to go back to work. I had a meltdown yesterday because those 30-45 minutes each morning became MY TIME and to have it snatched so quickly I was really in disbelief. I did not think work would resume so fast, but you never know which is why I’m preparing myself for a new routine. I don’t know how but I am because I’ll be damned if I’m gone be out here in 97 degree weather running. It’s not happening with the Monthly Associate or without her. I’ll figure it out instead of giving up. I’ll figure something out. 

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