I Get It, But I Don’t

I’ve been trying so hard not to give my opinion(s) on our current – everything with the coronavirus – but I can’t take it anymore. Virus or no virus I don’t understand what’s so hard about understanding that people are going to do what they want no matter what they’re told. I say that to say I am truly tired of hearing people complain about others being outside. I’d usually say something like, “Part of me understands peoples frustration and part of me doesn’t”, but this time it’s different. I just… I don’t…. I CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE ARE SO MAD THAT PEOPLE ARE OUTSIDE. So now, I’ll explain why and this isn’t to change anyones feelings. I’m simply giving you some insight on what I feel and why.

I’m going to start with a fact that anyone with social media has seen being stressed since we were all told to stay inside. The children with abusive parents who’s only savior is school. It makes me cry just thinking about it, but think about them. Since school is currently out and for the remainder of the year might I add, these children are trapped. If their only option is to go outside to possibly soak up some love, care, possibly even eat and have fun with others then LET THEM. We seem to forget that everyone’s life is different from ours because judgment clouds the truth and reality of what we can’t understand. You don’t know what them babies are going through unless you’re one of them. So, before you judge a child being outside next time try and think that maybe, just maybe they’re out there because they have no other choice.

Taking it back to judgment clouding truths, how about those who are outside complaining about others being outside. First of all, why are you even outside when you’re so hellbent on us following the rules to stay inside? Then, on top of that you’re out there basically snitching on others being outside just like you. You don’t know why they’re out there, for who, for what, how long, or anything else. All you see is people out there but you bypass the fact that you’re out there too. How would you even know if they were there if you weren’t out there as well? Why don’t you take this time to learn how to cook if you don’t know how to already? Or pick up a hobby or new hobby? Or even better, learn how to mind your business altogether especially when you’re doing the same exact thing(s) you’re complaining about others doing? I don’t get why I’ve seen so many videos of people being upset about others being outside. I’ve unfollowed so many people because of it and it’s not because they complained. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I can’t deal with those who are literally complaining about things being wrong for others to do yet make it okay for themselves to do.

Might I add parents who actually have no clue what to do with their children so they continue to send them outside.

To add onto that people seem to be more concerned with keeping this 6 feet distance in place of staying home. I don’t know what better way to avoid what bothers you then to stay away from it, but it seems like commonsense isn’t common these days. Stores have created their own markers to show the distance you should keep and people haven’t even been following those. What blew my mind the other day was that now it’s said that the virus can travel up to 13 feet and on your shoes. At this point I don’t believe any distance kept will help you avoid the possibilities of catching it because we don’t know who has it and it can go further than that 6 feet.

To wrap this up, all I can say is I don’t even understand why anyone cares about what the next person is doing. You don’t know anyones story so let these people be. With more facts developing I feel like you can easily contract the virus from your neighbor before you’d catch it from 10 people in the park, down the street, that you don’t want anyone at. People are leaving cleaning products outside their door for anyone who enters, people are wearing mask to shop, people are doing extra cleaning, etc. The fact remains that there is no cure and I truly fear that no matter what measures we go to in order to protect ourselves from it, it doesn’t change the fact that the virus isn’t going anywhere right now. How can you fight or defeat the unknown? There are so many things going on in our world right now and all I’m saying is, mind your business. They have their reasons for being outside just like you have yours.

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