Translation: I don’t have to have an issue with you because I chose to stop talking to you.

I’ve outgrown so many people in the last few months. Some I knew I shouldn’t have let back into my life and others I never thought I’d grow distant from. I don’t have an issue with anyone, we simply don’t click and I can’t keep fighting that – which everyone isn’t understanding of. When you feel guilty you’ll look for a problem in any and everything ESPECIALLY SOMEONE NO LONGER TALKING TO YOU. I don’t want to feel guilty for unfollowing anyone, deleting and/or blocking numbers, and realizing that they’re no good for me. Many know exactly why you no longer speak to them they’re just waiting for you to address it so they don’t have to. People would rather act oblivious and wait for you to speak up than to simply acknowledge their wrongs. YOU DON’T HAVE TO FORCE YOURSELF TO COMMUNICATE WITH ANYONE, SO DON’T.


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