I Can Only Speak For Me

Writing is how I BEST express myself. I learned this years ago when I was going through a very tough period in my life. I was expressing the fuck out of myself – morning, noon, and night. But no one cared about anything I had to say and yes it showed. At that time I didn’t want to move forward. Yep! I was ready to give up leaving a whole family behind. All because I felt like people were treating me as if I was the issue because they couldn’t handle me speaking up for myself. BUT I DID NOT GIVE UP. Instead, I started writing and this time it was for the world to see.

I love writing in my personal journals, which I still do, however I’ve been through a lot. All I kept thinking about is how alone I felt and how many others feel that same exact way or worse. So what better way to let someone know they’re not alone other than telling them your story? When I started I got a lot of, “Why do you even write? It’s like you’re just telling your business” and “Writing isn’t going to get you anywhere” and “Writing doesn’t help you”, etc. Realistically, everyone is allowed to have their opinions but they could’ve kept that negativity to themselves. I did stop writing TWICE but that third time, that third time was it. It brought out “Khy Ye” which is actually the first three letters of my first name and the first two letters of my last name.

I decided to add “I Can Only Speak For Me” because I want to be real open and honest. Remember I did say I best express myself through writing. When I first decided this I did care about hurting feelings, but I shook that feeling. I told myself that I can’t short my writing to spare the feelings of others. So, I choose to write about whatever is bothering me and move on. I’ve written about some pretty deep shit and some people have taken offense. However, I can’t short my truth because,

  1. Nobody can tell me I can’t write about something that happened to me. 
  2. I don’t use names and that’s for a reason. My platform isn’t to create any drama or bash anyone. It’s simply for me to tell MY TRUTH. 
  3. People hate the truth so whether I speak it out or write it out – even though there’s no name – someone will feel like the shoes fits. 

Life has its ways and I’m still learning how to get through them. No matter how bad my mood I can always count on writing to ease my mind. I can only hope that in my writings people feel better, that they’re not alone, encouraged, and any other positive feel there is.



2 thoughts on “I Can Only Speak For Me

  1. I love this! I thank you for not giving up and encouraging me to write as well, because it’s made me fine a genuine friend in you. Your story is powerful and I want you to realize that people, like myself, are here and ready to listen. KEEP MOVING FORWARD 😘

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