These days I embrace everything and everyone no matter how good or bad the outcome. Why? Because I used to always miss the lesson(s) I was supposed to learn being in my feelings. You can’t and shouldn’t take everything to heart and I’ve been living by that – LATELY. Anyone I no longer communicate with is for a reason. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life wondering, “Why me?”. Instead, I want to accept every person for who they are and know that I don’t have to keep hanging onto them to shelter their feelings. I’m only hurting me when I hold onto those I don’t want to. I can’t blame anyone for what I choose to put up with which is why I’m choosing to stop hanging on after the first time I’m rubbed wrong. I don’t feel everyone deserves a second chance and that’s why I have to stop giving them. I know I didn’t waste my time with anyone because I learned something from everyone. And as I go and I won’t punish myself for doing what I feel is best for me in the end.


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