Lesson Learned



Keeping people at a distance is something I have always found hard to do. It’s never mattered how nor how many times someone rubbed me wrong, when, or why. I’ve always forgave and moved on because I actually value people. I do a give a fuck about people and their feelings and what they go through. I pride myself on minding my business and respecting the way others choose to live AS LONG AS IT’S NOT CAUSING ANY HARM TO ME AND MINE. However, I can’t seem to get that same respect in return.


dontacceptitifyoudontlikeitI’ve stated before that I feel like as adults, we should be able to talk to one another and move forward, but some shit is too much. “Your issues have very little to do with me and more to do with things deeply rooted within yourself”, was a comment made to me yesterday after I expressed to someone the way they made me feel. I recently – like yesterday before that comment was made – reached my breaking point with those who can’t seem to keep their opinion(s) up off of me. Now, listen, I know that sometimes people joke and other times they don’t. But what I can’t deal with is someone who ALWAYS has something to say and we all know someone like that. They’re the type who “doesn’t mean any harm”, ever, but also can’t see how overbearing their opinions can/have become and that was proven to me with that situation. I can’t deal with someone who always has something to say, joking or not. So, I decided it was time to start the removing process and speak on how I was feeling one last time.

I’ll admit I’m always trying to see people different than who they show me they are to keep them around. And this is also something I’ve admitted before. No, I did not respond because there was no need. It wasn’t about being the bigger person or being nonchalant. It was about realizing that,

  • some people are meant to misunderstand me
  • people will find a way to make you the issue when you bring an issue with them to them

imaladytonibraxtonWhen I say I am fine with things, I mean that. I honestly wish them nothing but the best. I simply prefer to keep my distance from here on out.

I have learned from my own experiences that we don’t always see ourselves the way others see us which is why we’re so defensive sometimes. It’s easier to tell someone, “Your problem isn’t with me it’s really with you”, in place of stopping to think you could have said a thing – or twounnecessarily that bothered them. I’ve never been one to tell anyone how to feel, I can only tell you how I feel. Hence “I can only speak for me” is part of my signature. I understand that some people are simply a certain way and I also understand that I don’t have to deal with their ways. They don’t owe me anything and vice versa.

I have become annoyed with the constant watering of dead relationships that I chose to deal with daily. I have to stop allowing myself to give that second chance once I’m rubbed wrong. I know… I know… I KNOW someone is saying, “everyone deserves a second chance”, BUT DO THEY REALLY? YOU KNOW YOUR KIND OF PEOPLE AND YOU KNOW WHEN SOMEONE DOESN’T FIT INTO THAT. In place of making excuses, holding my tongue, and trying to give chances I’ll remove myself before things get too far from now on. I’m struggling to fix my mental and I can’t fix it worrying about what others think about me or the problem I have with them. Sometimes the advice we give is the advice we need to be taking.



5 thoughts on “Lesson Learned

  1. So true. We will find it better for us and more beneficial to us and the other party when we allow them to show us who they really are, believe them, and then simply decide if we want to accept them or not.

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    1. EXACTLY! Because the longer we fight it the worst things get and we can only be upset with ourselves for keeping those people around in the end.


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