Most people notice a woman’s hair when she walks in a room before they notice anything else. They see length, color, texture, and some go so far as to try and touch it. Now imagine having short to no hair and all the stares and opinions people bring with them. That’s how I felt. It wasn’t until I got introduced to color – hair dye – that people began to compliment me. “I like you better with the blonde” and “Try another color just not black” are a few comments that kept me from allowing my natural hair to flourish. I haven’t had a perm since early teens however blonde isn’t my natural color and dye contains chemicals.


I was never “attached” to my hair which is why it’s been so easy for me to continuously cut it all these years. But I was attached to coloring it which is where the damage began. I allowed those so-called compliments to fill my head with the thought that I only looked good with colored hair. However, that dye was damaging my hair. Yes, short hair can get damaged too because no matter length hair is still hair. LET’S BE HONEST FOR A MINUTE, “I like you better with blonde hair” isn’t a compliment. You’re literally telling me that I’m not beautiful in my natural state. And it only got worse from there. I began bleaching my hair two months ago. I HAD NEVER BLEACHED MY HAIR BEFORE THIS YEAR. I was trying to dye it a specific color which required me to have to bleach it, but it turned to this shade of blue I wasn’t feeling….at all. So, I ended up falling in love with the (basically) white hair I ended up with. But the bleaching turned tragic shortly after the second time and I ended up getting a haircut. I had told myself I wasn’t going to bleach it anymore, but I lied.

Burns and sores were the result of bleaching my hair so much. Along with some dryness and stringy hair. I continued to dye it and ended up frustrated again which led to me cutting my hair…. again…. accidentally. YES, IT WAS REALLY AN ACCIDENT. My husband cut his hair last and the clippers had a guard on them. Well, not thinking about it, I began to cut thinking it was still on there, but it wasn’t. Once I shaved that first section I said, “Oh what the fuck” then I shrugged and kept cutting. I mean at that point what else could I have possibly done? Glued the hair back onto my head? It wasn’t that deep and that wasn’t my first time having such a low cut, so I didn’t care.


I won’t lie I didn’t think I’d like the shaved head at first, but I’ve fallen in love with it. I’ve had my head really low before but not shaved with a razor to remove every hair in sight. It’ll be a week tomorrow since I shaved my head and it’s already began to grow back. I wanted to shave it once more, but I won’t. I’ve decided that this is a redo, my fresh start – the one I’ve been needing. Being someone who was attached to what damaged my hair more than helped it I’ve decided to own my natural beauty. I’m not going to allow anyone to tell me I “look better with blonde hair” this time. NO, things will be different this time around and I’ve set goals for this new hair journey.

  • Don’t be a product junkie – because I spent damn near $100 every visit to the beauty supply store.
  • Do not dye my hair – because I have to learn to love the brown hair I was born with even though you can only tell it’s brown in the sunlight.
  • Allow my growth to do its thing – no haircuts, just letting it grow as it feels.
  • Getting through this transition with confidence and cute earrings as I’ve been doing.

I’m going to wear head-wraps – I’m going to link where I’m getting them below – and hats along the way as well – but it’s not to hide my hair. I’m going to try more organic products and keep in mind that less is more so I’m not overdoing it with the products. I am really excited to see my hair growth and my growth as a woman with this change. Excited isn’t even the word!

I’m going to track my growth but I’m not sure if I’ll post it.

You can inquire a head-wrap via Instagram at Elegantly Twisted which is where I get mine.







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  1. I love the header image! And yes, cutting your hair whether it’s an accident or not is so refreshing. I’m excited for your journey!

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  2. Firstly, let me say the cut is beautiful (as seen on IG) lol.
    Second, it’s so relatable. Girl this is my 3rd big chop and dying my hair has played a part each time. My last big chop, I had Locs and of the many reasons the fact that my hair was damaged from the dye was one of the main ones. I always felt my hair color was ugly but not anymore. I’m done with majority of these chemicals (ends rant).
    I love reading natural hair stories because it’s always so much deeper, it’s really shocking how people always have opinions on how people’s natural hair (& hair color) don’t fit them. Yes the color or style looks cute but that doesn’t mean the hair god allows to grow from my scalp is less than.

    As you can tell…. I’m passionate but Amma stop here lol 😌.

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    1. Right! Some comments are really unnecessary but the best way to embrace your natural 100% is to be confident & love you for who you are, PERIOD. I’m going to try things different this go round.

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