With the New Year finally here I wanted to start over with everything – even though I already have. The way I deal with others when I don’t want to, working out, blogging, and my mental health are a few things I’ve been giving more attention to. I started making these changes a good two months before the new year. A lot of people would continue from where they were, but I decided not to. I can’t remember everything I practiced before and being as though nothing became a habit it made more sense to start fresh. So many view a beginner as someone who knows nothing when in fact some beginners know more than those ahead of them. I chose to be a beginner, again, because I want to be better than I was in any and every way possible. I’m going to take what I learned from previous years and use it all from this point on so I’m making better habits and sticking to them. I know that everything takes time and you have to know that too. “You’re too slow” and “There’s no way you did that so fast” are two things people say a lot with the intent to discourage you. DON’T LET THEM because your pace is yours. Be open to being a beginner or simply choosing to be one because sometimes it’s where you learn the most. It’s not a bad thing and you can take your time so that extra pressure – you keep putting on yourself – isn’t there.


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