Being a more positive person, overall, is a serious goal of mine. I’ve been consumed by so much negativity that I could barely think positive – let alone speak it. I can only blame myself for where my mindset currently is because despite of what’s going on around me, I didn’t have to allow it to consume me. I’ve allowed myself to make excuse after excuse for those toxic in my life to stay in my life. I’ve allowed myself to see the negative instead of the positive, but I’m working on changing that. DON’T MAKE EXCUSES FOR TOXICITY OF ANY KIND IN YOUR LIFE. Stop allowing others opinions to change your mind, stop giving up because those you expected to don’t support you, stop feeling obligated to answer the phone, stop giving your all and being left with nothing. Stop doing anything that stresses you out and makes other happy because that’s straight negativity. Instead of beating yourself up make a list of positives that can come from you doing what you really want to in place of what you do. YOU are in charge of what fuels you so if it isn’t positive, stop letting it in.


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