First it was “New Year, New Me” and now it’s “This wasn’t my year”. I don’t know how many sayings need to be made, but maybe you need to do something different. No shade! All I’m saying is if at the end of every year you wrap it up with the same thing you did the year before, it’s time for change. Every year we set out goals from eating healthier, working out more, relationship goals, strengthening our religious relationships, saving money, etc. But by the 12th of January in the New Year we’re back to same ole shit. Then what happens? “I’m gone do it tomorrow” then tomorrow comes and you’re setting alarms and a different plan to make sure you do it the next day. Then, the alarms going off the next day and you snooze so much time passes and soon it simply doesn’t get done.

napoleonhill1It is absolutely pointless to set out goals you know you have no real intentions to conquer. It always feels good to create a plan, talk it over, and maybe even act on it to get a feel of what it’s like. But making it a regular thing by keeping your word to yourself is where it gets challenging and that’s because you let it. I’m one guilty of this exactly however I acknowledged it and fixed it instead of sitting around complaining about it. COMPLAINING ABOUT WHATEVER THE ISSUE MAY BE WON’T FIX IT. I want to share two things with you that helped me stop procrastinating and complaining that may help you too.

Look! I get it it’s hard to stick to something, but you made and make things that aren’t going to change your life important. So, what’s the hold up on the things that are? These things that could possibly change your overall not just your appearance – your mental health and well-being, the way you carry yourself,  the way you think of yourself, etc.
The easiest thing to do when trying to figure out how to feel better – and sometimes be better – is looking at what everyone else has for them. I’ve seen so many woman say “body goals” to celebrities who’s entire bodies aren’t real. I’ve seen people say “relationship goals” to couples who have been together for years and look good in pictures, but they’re growing apart being closed doors. I see people hoping and praying for things that look good, but aren’t good.


We think because we see others happy with these types of people and things it’ll cure us of all our misery. So many of us want all this stuff to make us look and feel good, but it’s not for us which brings me to my next “New Year, New Me” issue. AND THIS IS ONE WE ALL, INCLUDING I, CAN RELATE TO AND NEED TO FIX.

removingtoxicpeopleSTOP ALLOWING YOURSELF TO CARRY THE SAME TOXIC PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE YEAR IN AND YEAR OUT BECAUSE YOU FEEL BAD. Family will be family no matter what, but we make too many excuses for them. It got so bad for me that people started to compare themselves to others I kept around. They couldn’t handle the way I expressed they made me feel so they began to use my keeping of others I said I didn’t know how to rid as reason to keep them around. And that’s how I knew they were toxic. Even friends, we keep them around because they’re fun or have nobody, but they’re overall is toxic. Sure, they’re fun and need someone but don’t act like you don’t notice how all they do is gossip and speak mostly negativity. They say things they know will offend you and once offended its, “You know I’m just playing”. They’re cool with people you aren’t, they always need and can never give in any way, they speak down on others in general, they hate to see people doing better than them, they talk about how unfair their life is yet do nothing to change it, etc. Learn to let them go so you’re not trying to figure out how to come the end of 2019 and so on.

makingitrainMoney is a huge issue whether it’s saving or spending. You can’t save anything when you’re spending it all. Saving was my downfall this year for sure and that’s because my focus wasn’t saving for the future. I’m no expert at saving however my family and I have found ways to do so. Opening separate savings accounts without having access to withdraw and piggy banks. Also, not going broke on the latest will help you as well. It’s really a priorities thing because so many have the latest cars, shoes, and clothes and can’t feed their families or finance much of anything. The way money consumes some is truly ridiculous because they can’t live let alone be happy without it, but they can’t keep it in their pockets either.

There is so much that can happen within a year, but it all depends on what you make happen. I know that people fall short – lose their jobs, lose people, possibly lose themselves for a while – but you allowing yourself to stay in that position is what’ll mess you up. I know it’s easier said than done but you must learn to push through no matter what. Time waits for no one so don’t let it pass you by. You got this so stop beating yourself up and do something to make your life better. YOU HAVE TO BE YOUR CHANGE.


If you want your mental to be better treat yourself better, make sure those around you contribute to your growth, and do what’s best for you. If you want to lose weight, then get up and workout which you don’t have to go to the gym for. I’ve seen more pictures of people in the mirror at the gym than them working out and it shows. If you want to eat healthier look into healthier recipes and don’t let people talk out of what you choose to eat. If you want to strengthen your religious relationship then read up on it, go to church when you can until you’re comfortable with it. If you want to save money stop buying everything you want. IF YOU WANT TO DO ANYTHING PUT A PLAN BEHIND IT AND STICK TO IT.

Try to make better decisions throughout the year so at the end you’re not saying there wasn’t enough time and you didn’t have enough opportunities. And stop thinking you have to wait until the New Year to start again. 

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  1. I love this! That’s my goal for 2019, to finally start taking care of myself and stop trying to live up to everybody else’s opinions or standards! I am so determined to live my best life, for me!

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