stopblamingmeI’ve grown tired of people making excuses to not treat me like I’m a human being with feelings that matters. I’ve been through people getting upset at others and lashing out at me, people judging me because they say I remind them of someone else or who I hang around, people saying how everyone has hurt them so they’re automatically on defense with me, etc. IF I DIDN’T HURT YOU DON’T MAKE ME SUFFER FOR WHAT OTHERS HAVE DONE TO YOU. Stop letting anyone into your life, treating them like shit, and thinking that using the excuse of how others treat/treated you is justification of how you treat them. They’re not that person or those people so when are you going to own that you’re simply taking advantage of them & their feelings the same exact way someone took advantage of you & your feelings? People only do what you allow them to continuously do so don’t think you have the right to tear someone else down because you aren’t strong enough to deal with how others treat you. NEWS FLASH, you’re just like them now so imagine how you’re making someone feel now that you know the feeling. If you’re dealing with this issue address it if you’d like to work on the relationship, if not walk away. But stop allowing people to use you as a revolving door because their too weak to not be one. As harsh as that sounds is the truth and you know it is so stop accepting it.


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