I often listen to people vent about how much they do for those who mistreat them. I don’t currently have this issue because I learned how to say “No”. I started asking myself why do I continuously bend over backwards to do for people who only help in hopes of getting something in return, belittle me, and talk about the help they did give. Now I’ll ask you, WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING FOR PEOPLE THAT USE AND ABUSE YOUR HELP? WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING FOR PEOPLE WHEN YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE DOING FOR YOU?

Having a big heart is a blessing and a curse, but you have to know when to use it. If you’re going to give off the, “I’m gone keep doing for you no matter how bad you treat me” vibe, you don’t think people will feed off of that? That’s you’re fault and as much as you may hate to hear that, you need to own it in order to change it. If you do anything for anyone just make sure it’s from the heart. But stop overdoing and being left with nothing except the feeling of, “I’m always bending over backwards for people who don’t do the same for me”. No one is obligated to do for you and you’re not obligated to do for them. Remember that the next time you go to help someone.


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