Age Ain’t Nothing but A Number

There are some things that are unacceptable however made acceptable because “I’m not your age”. Disrespect is disrespect, discouragement is discouragement, fake is fake, and I don’t care what way you try to look at it, IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. I was raised to be respectful to all, but when someone doesn’t agree with how I choose to deal with their disrespect then I’m automatically disrespectful – even though they’ve been disrespecting me and keep making up excuses as to why it’s acceptable. I hear SO MANY OLDER people say, “Y’all young people think somebody owe you something”, when in fact it’s older people who think we, younger people, owe them something. That something is respect and it’s the respect that they don’t give us because they think their age holds enough weight for them not to.

5fae384e23c56fff3a32bee0041389c6 The problem with a lot of older people is they’re used to controlling their kids so when they meet others around their kids age they think they get that automatic respect. No, you get the respect you give because us 20 something year old’s are grown too. And I really can’t stand those who say, “I’ve lived my life, anything you’ve been through I’ve already been through”. I’ve always wanted to know how is it even humanly possible for someone to go through the same exact things someone else has? So many want to be able to hold not only their age but what they’ve been through as a reason they deserve respect over a young person’s head and I don’t understand why. The hardships you went through in life have absolutely nothing to do with me, so I don’t owe you respect for living. Why do I owe you respect for going through trials and tribulations like the next human has and will?

What I’ve learned over the years with people my age is some of them come from really uptight parents whereas I do not. Some have said that I disrespect my parents because I say things that they’d never say to theirs and that’s not my problem. I am an adult, they treat me like such, and I’m able to be an adult around them. No, they’re not my friends they’re my parents but that doesn’t mean they have to be super strict and uptight. Being strict doesn’t get you respect it gets you sneaky kids and kids that don’t feel comfortable talking to you about anything which I’ve seen with so many and their parents. But know that if my parents felt I disrespected them they’d knock my head off my shoulders, adult or not.

tenornivkyoung.gif I respect anyone that respects me but being honest the only respect I’m truly looking for these days is my respect as a mother. You don’t have to love me, you don’t have to like me, but YOU WILL RESPECT ME AS A PARENT. Being older than me doesn’t make you a better parent than me no more than you having multiple children gives you more knowledge than me. What people don’t look at is that their kids are their kids and other peoples kids are not their kids. Why is it so hard to respect young parents? Why is it so wrong for a younger parent to tell an older person not to do something with or to their child, regardless of who you are to them?

Honestly, I didn’t meet people who felt they were owed respect until I ventured out into the world and started dating. I had to realize everyone doesn’t have chill, laid back parents like I do just because they’re adults. It’s always those older people who give no respect that look for it and that alone is what confuses me. I find it hilarious when people think they deserve respect just because and can’t even own up to their wrong doings. How can you, as my elder, tell others to own their shit and respect you when you never own yours and show no type of respect nor remorse at all to anyone unless you feel they’re on “your level”? You don’t get to dictate to someone how they should feel about something you did to them and you damn sure don’t get to tell them how they should handle it. If you feel some type of way about how a young person is towards you, maybe you should look at how you treat them.

Helping someone and listening to someone aren’t things that gain you automatic respect and the same goes for your age. Do you respect the people who do things for you and listen to you, no matter their age or you just sit around thinking they owe you that much? Especially when every chance you get you’re throwing what you did for someone in their face. Why would anyone respect you? You should pride yourself on respecting others the way you pride yourself on thinking you deserve respect.



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  1. I would definitely agree with you. People should give respect to everyone regardless of their age until they are given a reason to do otherwise. And even then it’s like, you can’t control how someone treats you, you can only control how you react. Great post!

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  2. Girllllll ! 👏🏾
    I Agree With Everything. Esp. When It Comes to those Older , Strict Parents Who Feel Like Just Because of Who They Are , They Can Treat You any old Kind of Way and You’re Supposed to Just Take it. It Bothers Me When It Comes to That. We See it Alot in the Black Community with Parents who Feel Like If You’re Sticking Up for Yourself When It Comes to them, You’re Being Disrespectful. Since When Is It Disrespectful to Stand Up for Myself Regardless Who It Is Against ? Great Post boo 💋

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    1. Thank you 😘 & that’s all I’m saying. I’m disrespectful for standing up for myself but you’re not disrespectful for simply being disrespectful? But because you’re older than me it makes all the difference? No, that’s unacceptable.


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