I Bet You Think This Post Is About You

Dear “Unbothered”,

tumblr_o7g16x6LfQ1tsr88xo1_500 I can’t stand how you swear you’re unbothered, yet your actions show that you’re beyond it. At some point the post about, “You think I’m worried about you when really I’m not” have to stop because you know damn well you get on my page and the pages of others you claim to dislike daily. While you’re there you’re looking for any and everything that could possibly be about you when we don’t even follow each other. It’s gotten to the point where you’re finding ways to make sure you or something about you pops up on my pages. Why? Because YOU ARE BOTHERED, and you want people to feel like you’re unbothered by continuously finding a way to make yourself relevant in our lives. You’ve probably even gone so far as to tell people we know mutually, that have no issue with me, bad stuff about me so they will dislike me too.

I’d never say anything, but I knew that I would at some point because I was getting tired. I wasn’t going to sit and argue with anyone over social media though, so I deleted my account. I knew that if I confronted you you’d make it a public conversation and childish stuff like that is what sets me off. If you know you’re doing something to antagonize a person, but deny it to make them look crazy then you’re crazy. We’re always “too old for that” when no one wants real problems, but when they feel it’s something that’ll die over its handles differently.

At what point do you grow up and leave a person alone since you have so much dislike for them? When do you own that the attention you’re craving is childish? When do you stop trying to make me look bad because of something you did to me? – but because you don’t like how I chose to no longer deal with you as an outcome you’re going to taunt me? Some stuff is petty and unnecessary but what makes it worse is when you don’t know how to stop. You don’t like someone, yet you still follow them, talk about them, and make it a priority to make yourself relevant in their social life, and for what? You need a life because trying to prove the point that you’re not worried about a person even though you actually are has been old.

A message to those dealing with this….

giphypreachhhhhhhhh DO NOT DELETE YOUR ACCOUNTS LIKE I DID, BLOCK THEM AND ALL THEIR FRIENDS, and you may even have to block those mutual friends too because they could be why the person(s) can see your page to begin with – or make your accounts private. Don’t exclude yourself from life because people are too childish to allow you to enjoy your freedoms, but don’t keep dealing with their immaturity either. No, you shouldn’t have to defend yourself to people who create unnecessary drama for you even though they say they aren’t thinking about you, but there’s only so much one can take. Sometimes you have to do what you have to for people to leave you alone. It is sad that as adults we still deal with people like this in our lives daily, but you can’t control the actions of others. After all, what they do is a reflection of them not you.


  I know there are going to be people who argue at their screens with this and it’s because the shoe fits so lace it up and wear it.




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