If you’re anything like me you’ve endured far more pain than your heart can take, yet every chance you get you’re forgiving….too quick. You never give anyone time to think about their actions which is why they continue to hurt/disrespect you. I recently realized I’ve always had the option to stop my pain by simply walking away & choosing not to deal with the person. However, I was more concerned about their feelings instead of my own which is why I dealt with them for so long. I’ve always made myself too available and that’s one of my biggest downfalls in general. WHEN SOMEONE HURTS YOU IT IS NOT UP TO YOU TO FIX IT. I don’t care how much you love them, how long you’ve known them, or who they are. Stop making it so easy for people to come back into your life after they’ve hurt/disrespected you, because they’ll end up feeling they’ve gained power over you. Which makes them feel they’ll never have to respect you. And if you should choose to walk away the best advice I can give you is DON’T LOOK BACK.




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