About Me



Khy here! An aspiring writer in my early 20s, a mother, and wife (military spouse) still taking baby steps to figure out this thing called life. Aside from my love for writing, I feel I’m relatable to a number of people – not just a specific group. I will talk about a variety of things. Some personal, some not, quotes for motivation and hopefully – through every post – I can give you some clarity as well. I will talk about things I actually go through in my post – real life issues. My goal is to help people realize that they’re not alone and understand that shit happens, but it’s NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. And I can’t reach that goal if I’m not open and honest with you. I hope you enjoy *inserts smiley face*.

  I made “I can only speak for me” part of my logo to remind everyone of just that…. I CAN ONLY SPEAK FOR ME. People love to debate about how someone feels or how things should be and that’s not what my blog is for.